Helpful Tips

  • Deck Maintenance
    Staying on top of your deck maintenance can save thousands in future repairs.
    • Remember to clean and seal your deck every couple of years
    • Check for loose boards, protruding nails or screws
    • Secure any loose handrails, or steps

  • Doors & Windows
    Save Energy by sealing off those drafty doors & windows
    • Replace the threshold under your exterior doors
    • Replace worn out weather stripping
    • Adjust the latches so your door and windows shut tight
    • Tighten up loose doorknobs, and hinges
    • Replace old doors and windows with new energy saving material

  • Dripping Faucets, Toilets, Showers & Sprinkler systems
    Thousands of gallons are wasted every day in neighborhoods just like yours.
    • Replace simple seat washers in a faucets or replace your faucets
    • Replace Toilet Flapper & Fill Valve, or Install a water saving model
    • Replace a simple solenoid on you sprinkler systems, or cleanout the dirty diaphragm
    • Drain your hot water heater every year to flush our dirt and debris

  • Leaking Gutters
    Gutters that do not drain properly can cause sever water damage to your home.
    • Clean out gutters every year after the leaves have fallen
    • Caulk joints that are leaking
    • Check to make sure gutters are fastened securely against the house, and that the flashing is properly installed over the gutter, and under the shingle

  • Paint & Stain
    A new coat of paint, or some annual touch ups will bring curb appeal to your home
    • Touch up and paint around windows and doors
    • Clean and seal cedar fences
    • Caulk and seal cracks in bricks, driveways, and sidewalks

  • Showers / Tubs / Sinks
    Preventative caulking in your bathroom and kitchen can save you thousands in repairs.
    • Scrape off and replace old caulking around the tub, shower base, Sink tops, Shower doors
    • Mold & mildew need to be removed immediately or further growth will continue

  • Smoke Alarms & Filters
    Filters and Batteries have different life expectancies, change as recommended.
    • Furnace filters
    • Water or Humidifier filters
    • Change batteries in smoke alarms every year
    • Change batteries in remote garage door openers
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